Sunday, January 29, 2012

Santa Monica

                Santa Monica Pier
Liz and Tess 

 Amazing Sunset

First week of classes are over with!! I can honestly say I love all of them. All my teachers are amazing. After a long week of school me liz and Tess wen to Santa Monica. It was sooo pretty there! I loved every second. Here are a couple pictures of our day trip!:)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

FINALLY, I have finally adjusted!!! It took about a week, but all i can say is that i absolutely love Santa Barbara California! I have met so many people and so far they are all way nice. The majority of them are swedish, they are awesome! They have started teaching me some of their native language besides from my short term memory I think that I should be fluent within the next few months!:) Moving out and growing up has been such a big step that so far has been amazing! I am really figuring out things I had no idea I could do. It also has brought on some sucky things already like have all my gauges in my car stop working.... and not being able to wear contacts because I am stupid and don't switch out my contacts regularly, but i realize shizz happens and you just gotta deal with it!:) 
Marcus, Tess, and Gustav!
               You could say I am a little brave when it comes to trusting people. When my car stopped working on sunday I was desperate to find someone to fix my car and I had no idea where to go to fix it. So I decided to go outside and ask the construction workers who have been working on our house the last past week if they knew anything about cars. The owner of the construction company who is also the dad of one of the girls who lives here offered to take a look at my car. After he looked at it he said that there were a couple things that were wrong with it. He then offered to take my car home with him in LA and his son who owns a repair shop would fix it. Me being desperate said yes, and then gave them my keys. I was a little sketched out at first but was way happy when they brought it back because now it runs better than ever!! although they told me my car wouldn't probably make it much longer because I have so many miles on it, I am very satisfied with the work they did on it!:) So that basically sums up my week! till next time!:)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A lazy day.

Hello again, well I can finally say that I have adjusted to living here. The first couple of days were really hard, but now I can't stop from smiling because of how happy I am!:) I love it  here! It is absolutely beautiful, the there is always something to do even if its just sitting on my porch. I LOVE my ward down here! They are all absolutely amazing. Every single one of them is so welcoming! I have never felt so close to the church then I do now!!

     Ah ha, Well today day has been one of the days that reminds me why I love my life so much! Me and my roommate Tess went down to the beach and played some beach volleyball with some new friends. I was quite fun if I do say so myself. After the beach we came home and took a nap, then went out to my new favorite place YOGURTLAND! love love love  that place it is so yummy! After we got some frozen yogurt we had decided to just walk around state street. All the sudden we heard the girls yelling at this homeless guy in their car. At first I wasn't sure why but then as we came up to the guy we noticed that he was ripping apart this garbage can. After he was done with that he flipped me and Tess off and said EFF you Santa Barbara! I couldn't help but laugh, as we were walking behind him down the street we could see that he was flipping everybody off. Then all the sudden out of nowhere he rips off the christmas lights that were on the tree making the whole tree go dark. He would do this about every three trees. Everyone was telling him to stop but he just kept saying EFF you Santa Barbara. We had lost him when we went into the store, but he did keep up pretty entertained for awhile! Gotta love the homeless people on the street's of Santa Barbara:)

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The natural cafe

Funny stuff happened today! Well first I went to the wrong orientation, it ended up only being for international students. So you can say now that I am pretty well educated about going out of the country for school! Also there are so many hot guys from Sweden, did I already say that half of the population oh SBCC and UCSB is Swedish. So you can say I am pretty lucky. Most of them were stunned to find out that the legal drinking limit in America is 21. I went on a campus tour again today for the second time and there were these three men who were smoking while we were on the tour. They weren't nice about it either. It was a pretty big group and they were right in the middle of it. Every one in the group was coughing but they still didn't get a hint! 
 After the campus tour me and my roommate went to a place called the natural cafe. IT IS AMAZING! so so so good! As I was going back to fill up my drink I saw this lady who was wearing a top hat that was covering her eyes. I wasn't sure how she could see, but she managed to find her way to the table. As I came back to my seat I looked over to see that the lady was now wearing a masquerade mask. By then I could tell that she was homeless. She was probably in her late 60's. I didn't think anything of it until I heard her bust up laughing then all the sudden stop, then she would do it again and again. Then I realized that she would laugh every time someone would look at her. So everyone who would walk pass the cafe and look in she would laugh hysterically. I thought it was pretty funny. well thats all for now! farewell!!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


                                                                     My Personal Gym
                                                                       My Mom and Ella
                                                                      My bedroom
                                                                 THE SUNSET!!!:)
IKEA, I cannot tell you enough how many times I have heard this name in the last couple days! My landlord is OBSESSED with IKEA! everything in the house is from IKEA! the only thing that isn't from IKEA is the washer and dryer! ha ha gotta love that store! So far I love it down here, but there are a couple things that i am freaked out about. I am living in a part of town that is known for tranny hookers hahaha, they are the best! So far every single morning we have been woken up by construction workers around 6:30. They are SO LOUD!!! They are not really considerate of people that are sleeping. They laugh, sing, yell, and pound on everything that is around them. They said that they would be done by tomorrow so hopefully I will be able to sleep in! another downside about the place that i live is that yesterday while I was taking a nap around 1:00 i found out that my next door neighbor likes to practice his drums for about 3 hours! I was about to my drive car into his back yard and run over his drum set, but i dont think it wouldn't turn out so great for me. Another funny fact that I learned yesterday as I was on my way home from family home evening was that the street next to me is called "Salsipuedes" which all together means leave if you can! GAH FREAKY! All in all I love Santa Barbara, besides the fact that I am concerned for my well being. No biggy I will survive!! till next time, farewell!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Just another day.

Well friends it has been four days since I have been here and I feel like it has been a month. I am kind of homesick.... My mom brother and niece left yesterday, and I feel like I am in a completely different world! I met my roommate, she is way nice! Her name is Therese and she is from sweden. So far we walked to state street and the pier. It is absolutely gorgeous!!!! I can't wait until my friend liz gets back to SB I just have missed her way to much!
  SB is absolutely gorgeous, there is a lot of things happening at night. If you drive down state street you are most likely to run into many drunk people. They are very loud and funny. Most of them will just ask you strange questions, or yell at you. Also there are a lot of homeless people! Yesterday when me and Therese were walking down state street there was this homeless guy who was giving out free hugs. He yelled at me when I denied his offer. If you every come down here you will most likely be yelled at by someone who is homeless, it happened to me my mom and Liz! All in all Santa Barbara has already had some pretty funny events. Till next time my friends!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

mile 912.

Well friends I am here. To be honest what I was expecting was totally different! not in a bad way.... When i got here i drove up to my landlords house and met all the girls I am going to be living with. As she introduced them i realized none of the spoke good english. Than finally I met a girl who was from brazil but has lived here most of her life so she speaks really good english. My roommate doesn't get here till tomorrow night. She is coming in from sweden. So so far my roommates consist of germany, sweden, 2 from brazil, france, and mexico! I am way excited to get to know all of them they seem way nice! 
  So as I started to tell them about myself i told them that i like to cook! Little did i know that my landlord owns a catering company! haha so i basically got a job within the first five minutes, and I start monday! tomorrow has a lot of eventful activities planned so I must go to sleep. Till next time my friends, farewell.